About Us

Innosource specializes in providing Recruitment Process Outsourcing to Contact Centers and Data Centers and Business Process Insourcing of Individual Corporate Business Departments. In addition, InnoSource offers consulting services through our InnoTrax Results Software (i-TRAXrs.) This user friendly software is seamlessly integrated into your Corporate IT and allows in-depth performance tracking crucial to your Company's ability to develop metrics and forecast future needs. i-TRAXrs is a proactive solution to Contact Center and Data Center Management!

The InnoSource Recruiting Process is a Client Driven, Performance-Based Process, developed over the last 20 years to only provide the highest qualified candidates for your Contact Center and Data Center. InnoSource understands every Contact Center and Data Center is unique, so we meet with you to develop a customized needs assessment before we begin recruiting. We then recruit in real time to satisfy your specific environment rather than provide available staff from an existing pool of candidates.

InnoSource's ability to provide 100% employer paid benefits allows us to recruit and retain only the best candidates. InnoSource's primary source of candidates is the employed work force, so all staff we provide are excited about the opportunity to become a part of your Company!

When it comes to impressive performance statistics, InnoSource knows that it's the people who make the difference. Highly qualified individuals in a well-matched environment create success. Our company mission is to deliver unparalleled excellence and service to you! Please visit our Client Testimonials for a sample of what InnoSource can do for you!